Eve Ganker List News


June 12, 2014  (UPDATED)


As reported on HERE and HERE at the The Union of Free Miners, the New Order alliance (CODE.) , Who have been ganking miners since 2012, have expanded their ganks from mining vessels to freighters. They have now decided to form Gank fleets with other gank corporations such as The Greater Goon [GROON], and are now ganking Charons, Obelisks, Fenrirs, Providences & other corporation freighters in high sec with squads of 15 or so using Catalyst & Brutix ships. This was happening in the Lonetrek / Isanamo area but currently it is in the Sinq Laison / Aufay area and now almost daily and not just restricted to single ganks but multiple incidents.

This is a concentrated effort and may expand in the future. One has to wonder how long it will be before war breaks out when rich corporations hire mercs, form their own fleets and alliances to ensure safe delivery of their cargos (at least that’s what we hope will happen). I’m sure that some corporation will see a business opportunity and jump on it. Attacks on smaller haulers; Industrials & Industrial Command Ships have also increased. These attacks leave large and small corporations losing their production at an alarming rate. Repercussions could be increased prices in the area under attack and it could possibly even affect the Eve economy.

If you know any other hauler pilots in your corporations and groups then please warn them about the situation. A good check on when and where the New Order alliance (CODE.) is ganking freighters is by watching this link:

New Order alliance (CODE.) – KILLS OF FREIGHTERS

There is a new article by CODE. member Fawn Tailor (who is listed on the Gankers List) regarding CODE.’s recent attacks on Haulers in Hi-sec.  You will notice no viable explanation is given for the attacks. This character goes on to brag about how much money CODE. made from the Aufay assault: “This culminated in a roughly 12 day period in which Aufay in the Sinq Laison region burned, leading to the deaths of roughly 80 freighters and 4 jump freighters, to a value of over 200 billion ISK.” Then this character blatantly lies and states “…because CODE.’s motivation focuses more on ganking than on profit”. LIES! Remember, this is simply a pirate alliance that tries to use some inane dogma to justify their piracy.


Link (MORE Bragging): Their ‘Art Gallery’ of Freighter Kills


Here is a list of the corporations whose freighters fell victim to these attacks. (NPC Corps are not listed) This list is JUST for the BEGINNING of the month of June:
The Craftsmen, Dangerous Encounters, Area 7, THE KOREA ASTORONOMY LAB.,
Arhicorp, Comatose Alliance, Imperial Shipment, Storm Coalition, TS-
SkunkWerks, Blue Clover Extraction, Statix LLC, Baltic Soul, Cosmic Wholesale,
Rura-Penthe, Triumvirate., Fulmen Durus, Magix Corp., The Eleusinian, Flying
Fountouns, HELLENIC PRODUCTIONS, Pepe Klecks Twink Corporation, Phoibe
Enterprises, My Other Laboratory is a Distillery, PACE Mining and Trading
Inc., Maree Basse, Goat Herding and Appreciation Federation, Angels From Dark
inc Alliance, Future Tech Industries, Cequel Corporation, Analogue Unlimted
Engineering, NWP, Mining My Own Bussiness
There is at least one thing you can do is tank your freighter. Regarding changes in the Kronos expansion, freighters now have 3 low power slots, our advisors recommend using Reinforced Bulkheads II and this will improve your tank dramatically and so make it more difficult although not impossible to gank. This may give more time for Concord to arrive. For example a Charon was 180K EHP before the expansion but with 3 of those, it would be 300K EHP and speed would be the same and align time would only be a second slower.

We are hoping that these corporations will join with the miners and form a Wells-Fargo type union to protect their literally TRILLIONS in ISK from these bandits. If You really would like to help to combat these pirates go HERE
Eve In-Game Anti-Ganking Channels

Channel Comment
Union 416 This Channel has been set up in Accordance with the Dictates of the Declaration of April 16, 2014
Anti-ganking Please join the channel and improve awareness so we can help to stop high sec ganking.
Gank-Intel This is a public intel channel for reporting suicide ganking anywhere in highsec. Any form of casual chat will be heavily moderated to make this the best intel channel possible.


We have started a new Eve Haulers Gankers ListHERE





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